Business Resources where you can find differect kinds of businesses online.
Business Plans Planning, Making A Plan, Software and Consultants, Business Plan Brokers
CRM Planning, Making A Plan, Software and Consultants, Business Plan Brokers
E Commerce E Commerce, Business-To-Business, Intranets, Selling Online
Franchising Franchsing Resources, How-tos, Franchising directories, lists of Companies and regional info.
Industry Manufacturing, machinery, engines, printing, engineering
Human Resources Human resources, workforce management, recruiting, staffing, training, benefits and appraisals
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property, It's Definition, Resources, and defense, IP issues and alternatives
Knowledge Management Knowledge in Business, Creativity, Discovery, Retrieval, Knowledge Ecology
Liquidators Liquidators who act as brokers in recyculing business and inventory assets.
Logisitics Logisitics, Supply Chaim Management, Inventory Optimization, Journals, Vendors and Services
Marketing Marketing, Promotion, Advertising, Ad Copy, Press Releases, Effective Headings, Business Networking
Outsourcing Outsourcing: doing business ofshore with companies that provide accountancy, CRM, HR, telecomm and software services
Planning Web based Calendars, Scheduling Events, Planning, Planning and Scheduling Software, Planning Weddings
Shipping Shipping Services, Organizations, Tracking, Express, Freight, Auto
Time Management Time management, Prioritizing, Day Planning, personal effectiveness, Study habits
Trade Shows Trade. shows, tradeshow production, tradeshows for obiies. crafts, business, food, industry, technology andtravel.
Virtual Offices Net Offices, Commercial Offerings, Groupware, Collaboration and Workflow