1st SPOT Coding

.NET Microsoft's .NET, .NET Development, .NET Applications, .NET API
Agile Development emphasizes motivated individuals producing working software through flexible collaboration with end-users
APIs Application programmming interfaces for applications, web utilities and operating systems
C++ C++, Tutorials, C++ Compilers, Sources and libraries
Java Java, JINI, Javabeans, Tutorials, Environments, Applets, Publications
Methodologies UML, Use Cases, Tool Vendors, Extreme Programming
Patterns About Patterns, Pattern Collections
Perl Perl, Perl Extensions, Perl Tutorial, perl Reference, Perl Resources, Perl Scripts
PHP PHP Tutorials and Software
Prolog Prolog resources, compilers, interpreters and tutorials
Python Python resources
SCM Software Configuration, WebDAV, ClearCase, Configuration Tools, Bug Tracking
SQL SQL Tutorial, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, Postgres, MySQL
REBOL Relative Expression Based Object Language
Ruby Ruby resources, tutorials and code
TCL Tool Command Language TK, Expect, and many extensions
Tutorials Tutorials on C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, and other languages
Visual Basic VB Tutorials and Reference, Visual Basic Code archive, Componests and ASP